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Year 2012 : Resolutions or Goals?

The past year has been eventful. I accomplished some goals that I had set for myself while some remain unfulfilled. Like every year, some promises were kept others forgotten. I am happy to note that on a whole 2011 shaped rather nice. Professionally, I added some new skills to my armor. I learned. I am wiser than I was last year and I am more content with myself that I ever was.

The Prophecy

I will try and resist the rge to declare the list of things I will accomplish in the coming year. I think its unhealthy to confine yourself within a preplanned agenda. Nevertheless, I will list somethings which are my priority at the moment. Hopefully, as the year progresses, I will be able to tick them off gradually or maybe discover some more.

Goals or Resolutions

I am not sure if the above items are part of my yearly goals or New Year resolutions. I forbid myself to classify them into any particular category. For now, I just look forward to working my way through the list. If you are reading this, let me know if you think I am slipping. Remind me of my all-in-the-public view article on my not-yet-popular blog. I might keep up. Happy 2012 :)

Photo Credit - lili35 via Flickr

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