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Dating made easy - thoughts on THRILL

I’ve been exploring Thrill - the dating app for India and it’s been a rather interesting social experiment. I felt there was room for improvisation in the Version 1.0 of the app and made a mockup trying to better show the profile screen.

On a Saturday afternoon after having spent some 3 weeks with the application, I was without any potential “match”. I was quick to conclude that the User Experience was the culprit standing between me and my potential date, undeterred I set out to improve the Profile View.

After redesigning profile for better Usability

Thrill Homescreen - NEW Design

I made some changes to the then Version 1.0 :

  1. Moved over the primary action items from the Menu over to the Profile Screen.
  2. Added swipe functionality to the display picture to see more profile pictures.
  3. Reused the space obtained from #2 to make the Location and Match Rating more prominent.
  4. Moved the Categories of similar interest up so they are discoverable.

The folks at Thrill were kind enough to share their feedback and appreciation and assured me they were already working on a Version 2.0 for the app and promised to launch a phenomenal new update.

Thrill Homescreen - NEW Design

Since then Thrill has launched with a revamped design though radically different from how I had imagined it at that time. It is good to see continuous work being done in this space.

The Version 2.0 has been unsuccessful in redeeming me of my past sins and I can still be found spending Saturday afternoons trying to respond to phantom notifications from Thrill. It is disturbing to see your network carrier coming up with SMS notifications.

I am already working in stealth mode for a Version 3.0 sketch (Yes! Until next time … )

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