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The Diminishing Coffee principal

The Renaissance

While leisurely preparing for some examination the next day, I made myself comfortable. Before sitting down to make my first genuine effort to go through the course notes. I decided to make some Coffee before I surrendered myself to the eve of the examination procedure.
I follow the protocol religiously.
It starts with meticulous planning and organization by collecting whatever notes I can find that resemble the course syllabi in the coming exam. I then discard some notes on the following criteria : I am then left with an abridged version of the supposed syllabi which I potentially hope to go through and understand just enough so I could replicate the same scriptures and manuscripts with due diligence the next day. Most of the time I am partly successful. I say partly because anyone could mistake it for the Gospels. The resemblance can be uncanny except a few subtle differences around the subject of focus.


The Coffee as pointed earlier, sits pretty on the glass table patiently waiting for me to take my initial sips. The interesting bit I realized while sipping the beverage was that there lies a pattern, nothing like the ordinary which was begging me to unmask the truth emerging from the Coffee vapors. I startled on a sudden realization that the Coffee Beans had bestowed me with. It was time to share it with the world. It was my prerogative to let every other Java-sipping-Starbucks-nut know what the Coffee Bean lord wanted me to know. I thus formulated The Diminishing Coffee principal on a dark cold night, in the middle of my ongoing Master of Computer Applications examinations. Was it just a coincidence that my next morning's  paper was a disaster? I think not. The paper sucked :)

The Diminishing Coffee principal

The beverage in question is pipping hot initially, the mere mortal that I am, only manage to take a few sips. As the time goes on the sipping becomes more frequent as the delicious liquid cools of slowly allowing me to take gallops which earlier would have easily burnt my throat. Before the halfway, the time stands still, beyond which I am no longer a slave to the fleeting time, I can lift my cuppa and merrily gulp it all down at once. No more waiting or sipping in slow motion. My vertically gyrating Adam's Apple is a testament to how quickly I can fill myself up.
Therefore, there exists a time beyond which its easy enough to accomplish whatever task you wanted to accomplish only if you kept trying and were patient enough to be persistent.
Now, the above sounds a total disaster but then I thought I'll apply my new found wisdom to some practical aspects from my everyday life. Computer Science Education in the Software As soon as a technology, concept, idea, process becomes part of the Academic Curriculum. The time advantage is lost. Initially, imagine this as the halfway before Coffee reached its midpoint. The going was interesting, required effort and it was much more lucrative for the professionals or people involved. Now, that it has been introduced in the academic circles, we have factory manufactured assembly lines of students coming out with knowledge on the same subject matter in question. There exists competitive advantage no more. It doesn't remain a lucrative concept, idea, process anymore. It becomes a norm. So professionals working on such technologies are part of a cattle herd. There remains nothing professional or specialized anymore. I write this today, on the day my exams got over. Early morning while my Coffee cup slowly approaches the halfway again when I'll be able to consume it fast enough or perhaps get myself some more coffee. Next Semester? Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

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