Vaibhav Kanwal

designer & developer

Making the Web more accessible & friendly

I have come to realize that :
  1. Websites are funny.
  2. Design is functional
Everything else is fluff. There are visually attractive designs and then there are functional designs. The difference between the two can be perceptually deceptive. It takes a little bit of time to distinguish a good design from an efficient one. In my search for an efficient design paradigms I have come across various fancy terms like - Responsive, Adaptive, Progressive , Fluid etc A good design offers beautiful user experience (UX). Its easy to use and flows intuitively. The way it looks is old school. The way it feels is more important for anyone to be able to connect with the experience. When you are able to offer an immersive experience for your visitor - that becomes a good design.

Guidelines for a Good Design

I am on my way to acquire a new skill for the year 2012. You can call it Responsive, Adaptive, Fluid whatever. I'll just call it functional. Are you designing for the growing number of platforms and devices? What's your approach? Feel free to share if you have any comments. 

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