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Where have I been all this while?

I let this space go silent for over 36 months. I am not proud of leaving my blog unattended, this is not something I had planned. Today as my country celebrates 70th year of Independence, I am reminded of a different time.

Losing a loved one

In 2014, I lost my father to terminal illness after his brief but brave struggle.

We knew it was coming, the seeds were sown long ago. There was not much I could do about it. Knowing death is inevitable is different from understanding its aftermath. The later consists of appreciating grief, despair and believing in a better tomorrow.

The hollowness and the accompanying void left behind is difficult to describe in words. The loneliness never leaves you. It has stayed with me. In happiness and in sadness, in moments of joy and excitement, a part of me feels vulnerable.

Getting busy with life

A lot has changed in my work life, I moved from a growing start-up to a promising enterprise. I am excited about these professional changes. I got to travel recently and enjoyed a lot.

Feels like I am headed in the right direction. There is room for improvement in my time management skills. I am trying to renew focus on personal fitness and health. Additionally, finding time to read and write more often should be a good goal to have for the coming months.

Life happens. The design keeps changing and moving forward. If only it were a little different so I could have shared my success with both parents instead of just one.

Next steps

I have now moved closer to work which means I will be spending more time at my desk than in commute. Earlier, my roundtrip to work cost me 180 minutes every day! That was a terrible way of spending time.

With this move, I have eliminated my travel time completely.
Here’s a picture of how it looks from the balcony of my apartment:

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Thus freeing up my time to do more important things like:

I wish for a better tomorrow for myself and for you.

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