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Hindsights - The Best Speech Ever

I would like to share a great speech by Guy Kawasaki - Hindsights, 1995 Embedded is a link to one of the most beautiful speeches ever and by the time you finish reading the short & crisp text. You'll be more than happy to have found it. I am not into reading speeches but this one is different. Anyone who has ever been to school, college or has ever been a student would be able to relate to it perfectly. Below are some 10 mins of awesomeness by Guy Kawasaki. Watch. Learn. Share.

The 10 things Kawasaki wants you to know

  1. Live off your parents as long as possible.
  2. Pursue joy, not happiness.
  3. Challenge the known and embrace the unknown.
  4. Learn to speak a foreign language, play a musical instrument, and play non-contact sports.
  5. Continue to learn.
  6. Learn to like yourself or change yourself until you can like yourself.
  7. Don’t get married too soon.
  8. Play to win and win to play.
  9. Obey the absolutes.
  10. Enjoy your family and friends before they are gone.
If you liked it, you might be interested to read more stuff by Guy Kawasaki on his blog - How to change the World

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