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The day I almost ordered a Pizza online

I am quite a foodie and when the taste buds steer up the fire in me, I don't mind washing down a few slices of pizza with some nice drink. This Friday however wasn't so great. The folks at Dominos India have been running an online only coupon code - FRIFRK50 valid every Friday. I received the coupon via Email with a ridiculously small font at the end that said :
Valid only on orders placed online at
UPDATE : The Dominos guys called to apologize and asked if I wanted to give an order on phone. They also said the issue is now being fixed.  So, I went online at Dominos India to place an order using their online cart.Now, how difficult can ordering a pizza online simply be? Well, I found it out the hard way. I spent 30 mins trying to place an order with the not-so-great online system and it seemed to deflect all my attempts to get the address registered online. Ok. I decided to choose Pick Up instead of Home Delivery and the checkout failed at the confirmation stage. No worries. I called up their store here at Ashok Vihar, Delhi where I live and I was given the advice you'r familiar with when calling Tech support - "Please restart your computer and check back in 30mins to see if things are resolved." Super! Now, I have nothing against restarting my computer but seriously? Dominos? Waddup? As expected, nothing came out of this exercise and I found my humble self on phone with the manager of Dominos, Ashok Vihar, Delhi.
"We can not take your order sir. Its meant for online only." "I am sorry." "I can not help you out. I can forward your problem to out head IT department but unfortunately, I can not accept the online only coupon on phone."

That's all! I hung up.

What do you think is the way out here? This has been the case since the last two months but I finally decided to make this video and let Dominos know that it doesn't work that way. It would be great if you could SHARE this so that somebody else can have their pizza delivered on time. 

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