Vaibhav Kanwal

designer & developer

Know more about me

To keep things simple - I create websites. If web apps are your thing then sure - I am pretty good at that too.

What I really do is design experiences for your customers so they can go ahead making the decision you'll love. Curious? Take a moment out to browse through some of my past work.

Some things that consume my time for a good measure :

  • beautiful design
  • writing markup that doesn't look like gospel
  • improving web apps
  • I am online if ( !sleeping )
  • eating if ( !online && !sleeping )
  • working out if ( !eating && !online && !sleeping )


  • make web a better place
  • do used to do lots of WordPress stuff
  • develop platform agnostic experiences
  • believe markup is poetry

I strongly encourage you to work with me. I am among the few design unicorns who code their own designs.

It's best to email me. I am usually prompt in replying back.

*This is a living document. The above stuff may change when author feels compelled due to internal or external forces. He must ward off laziness to make modifications required with time or due to change of interests. For you, it means – keep revisiting. One day, you’ll find what you’re looking for :)

Runs on Jekyll with help from Liquid and SCSS.
Handyman Git helps secure all HTML & CSS in place with friend Markdown.